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These sisters, Sonia & Anissa, have a beautiful store located in Hays, Kansas. It really is a little store in a little town. They opened up their first store in a town of a 1,000 people! In 2015 the sisters moved their store to a bigger town (Hays) in 2016. They have been growing and giving back to their community ever since! Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram to see what its like to run a clothing store in a small town! 

Hear what the Girls have to say about what the Blue Heron means to them: 
"As sisters, we grew up knowing we wanted to impact the world, give our family a better life and serve God. We were inspired at a young age to use our God given talents to influence our community through the venue of fashion.
Fashion is fun. It's creative. It's a form of expression and an avenue that The Blue Heron uses to empower women and also give back to the community. Behind all the glitter and heels is where the real treasure lies: beautiful women of all shapes, sizes and flavors. Our message is that fashion is an extension of who you are. A jacket doesn’t make you beautiful, the woman who wears the jacket produces the real beauty. With God guiding us and the strength and foundation set by our mom we know that we will be able to not only share our love for fashion but also change lives. 
The Blue Heron is a mark of grace, majesty, and liberty. But for us at The Blue Heron Boutique it means so much more than fashion."
We love you BH BABES! 
Anissa & Sonia 
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